There’s a lot to be talked about him, his achievements, and the showy way he gives every situation an extra spin. “Volere è potere*” we say in Italy, and what happened between Ivan, cycling, and the Olympics is all about that.

He was not devoted to bikes. He simply wanted to take part in the Olympic Games. He was 17 and, as usual, he grabbed the first chance that came across.

“It could be any sport” -Ivan said-, and it was cycling, track cycling actually. And, looking backwards, he couldn’t have found a better fit. Speed, physicalness, technique, no fear 2 wheels.

10 years away from home. 2 Olimpic Games, Seul 1988, Barcellona 1992. Men’s Team Pursuit world record on 7/30/1992. 4’15”103. It lasted 20 minutes because as he says records are made to be broken.

Volere è potere.

A decision maker, straight to the point, Ivan perfectly embodies the F**king and Perfect idea. He is F**king and Perfect himself. He is F**king and Perfect before any of us.

At Mecki’s, Ivan is the fuel and the heartbeat of a spontaneous movement. No marketing in it. No marketing please. Only sports, love, life.

*Will is power